Millson Values


We aspire to be one of Bendigo’s most environmentally responsible developers incorporating a range of sustainability measures to help reduce energy/water consumption and waste output and create a quality indoor environment.


Sustainability measures incorporated into our projects include:

High performance openable double glazin

Designed to maximise natural light and ventilation through your home whilst also thermally and acoustically insulating you from the outside when you need it.

LED and sensor lighting

To minimise power usage;

Installation of an Embedded Network

Linked to a rooftop solar electricity system, which means that the building can buy green energy at wholesale customer rates, offset the building use by what we generate and charge each occupant for their relative consumption at a reduced relative cost;

Electrical sub board and management

Enables electric charge stations for 100% of vehicles on site;

Centralised hot water

A highly efficient Co2 heat exchanger running on a constant loop not only removes connection fees being duplicated but means water is immediately at temperature and reduces water wastage and heating costs.

No Gas

Where possible we have removed gas supply to our projects, supplying systems like induction cooks tops and Co2 heat exchangers  so that all energy can be carbon neutral.

Acoustic and thermal insulation and thermal mass

Increased to ensure that occupants are always comfortable, and the conditioned spaced below the apartments help pre condition the homes so that minimal mechanical intervention is needed to keep the homes comfortable;

Organic waste

On site processing into reusable fertiliser;

Waste and recyclables

Separation and private collection several times a week; and

Convenient CBD location

Reducing resident need to drive.